About Us

SalesPEAK, Inc. was conceived and founded in 1997 by Renee Walkup, after recognizing the need for a truly tactical approach to hands-on training.

“After successfully hiring and training hundreds of professional salespeople in the corporate arena, I felt it was time to help others reach their peak performance–which is why I founded SalesPEAK.”

Our approach is clearly described in three steps:RPW in Orange and Playful

  1. Identify the challenge
  2. Create a customized, relevant tactical solution
  3. Deliver training/consulting that gets results.

About Renee:

Renee Walkup lives and breathes sales success. Her career began  at the age of 15, selling Hoover vacuums. She soon became the top salesperson throughout the entire Kansas City metro area.

Since then, Renee has sold software, hardware, higher education materials, services, high end clothing, textbooks, and more.

Prior to founding SalesPEAK, Renee was the National Sales Manager for a global software firm, where she increased profits by 60% within a short time.

She loves to sell and her passion is teaching others how to succeed in their sales careers.

Read on to learn what senior executives have said about Renee’s methodologies:


“I got wonderful feedback from the entire team.  I can already see a marked improvement in many of our staff. They took tools from the training and immediately ran with them.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have only heard great comments about the training session yesterday from everyone.  I really enjoyed (and that isn’t always how I feel after one of these sessions) your presentation.”


“Here’s an enthusiastic two thumbs up. I have had many training classes and seminars and you really have been the best by far of all of them.”


“I was impressed with your ability to guide us on a common sense approach to understanding our prospects and customers. To date, my team has closed more than $2,000,000 just from your training a few months ago.”


“The training session was excellent!  It is not true that an ‘old dog can’t learn new tricks’ as this old sales dog picked up quite a few ideas to use.”